Residential Inspection Service

Buying a home is one of the biggest investment decisions you will ever make in your life. In fact, it is more than an investment because it becomes a defining part of you and your family. Residential Home Inspections will help you when it comes to determining whether the home you are about to buy is the right one. Imagine how you would feel if you had purchased a home only to realize that the roof is leaking or that it has faulty wiring. At House to Home Inspections, it’s our job to look for those problems for you. At House to Home Inspections, we are a team of professional home inspectors with adequate knowledge of building rules and codes.

Hiring us to do the job saves you from buying an investment that will end up disappointing you. We have been in business long enough, and we have managed to serve an almost countless number of satisfied customers over this long duration of time.

Pre-Listing Inspection Service

Pre-Listing Home Inspections is an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house availed by a home seller before listing the property in the market. Sellers who availed a Pre-Listing Home Inspections up front can identify any major problems that could potentially derail a sale later on at the closing table. Any major defect that needs immediate repair will be known beforehand. Doing repairs ahead of time might also be more cost-effective than having to pay a buyer’s licensed contractor do the work. Having the inspection performed after negotiations can cause all kinds of issues on the part of the purchaser, so it’s easy to see how this sort of property review can benefit everyone involved.

The inspector will provide a regular inspection and create a report, and as the seller, you may also choose to have a one-page overview prepared for easy reference. The seller and real estate agent then review the report and summary for approval and may opt to adjust the listing price or other factors. Then, both the report and overview are published and available to real estate professionals and prospective buyers.

First Time Home Buyer Inspection Service

It is very recommended that home buyers should have their prospective homes thoroughly inspected before signing any binding contract with the seller. With that in mind, the home inspection team that is qualified and experienced are always at the ready. They can offer you premier inspection services with utmost professionalism, efficiency and client satisfaction.

While undertaking the duties a Home Inspector is responsible for, we will completely tell you the physical condition of the home. We will ensure that this is the best deal you can make and is surely worth your investment.

Our experts behind will walk you through the home. They will point out to you any problem or potential problem and present you with a written report of the inspection. In carrying out our duties, we are under contract and regulations not to cause any damage to the home. This is understood that we would be liable for any damage from our part.